Sunday, December 02, 2007


I've just a smidge of time on this fine Cambodian day to write:

Hello! Following an overnight layover in Thailand (where I mistook an elephant for a dumpster...because really, which is more likely to stand idley in a city alley?) I am in Batdambang with friends and my mum. We travelled here with a Colorado-based Cambodian family, previously displaced following the Pol Pot regime. (Here is where I note that if the last sentence left you mystified, I would ask you to pick up a copy of "Survival in the Killing Fields" asap.)

During the last few days (when not exploring the jungley 7th Wonder of World, oh Angkor Wat you have my heart!), we have been exploring the divine match-up between local need in Tehan and international funds. Based on these: a bathroom has begun to be built, an english teaching program has been started for grades 7 and 8, the poorest of the village have received bundles of basic essentials, the leaders have requested and received rocks to keep the road from washing out during monsoon season, and a possible link-up with the Heifer Project has been investigated.

In the grand scheme, this mini-week's work is amounting to just a drop in the international bucket...but it is a lovely drop.

Also, last week I ate fried bees and that is worth noting here. More to come! (posts, not bees.)